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February 19, 2014

Mexican studio Mastretta Cars first announced the creation of their MXT through Automóvil Panamericano magazine in May 2007. The vehicle is the first Mexican sports car ever built, and features specifications similar to those of Lotus Elise and Porsche Cayman. The production of MXT started in January 2011, and first units are to be delivered by April of the same year. In 2010, Mexican bus maker Cimex announced that it was expanding into the passenger vehicle field and was developing a pickup truck called the Conin which would be Mexico’s first domestic pickup truck when it is expected to enter production in 2013.

To date, 42 makers have official representation in the country with nearly 400 different models, making Mexico one of the most varied and fulfilled automotive markets in the world.

Mexico is the future of the automotive industry.

Since the first “Autoexpo del Automóvil” the automotive culture in Mexico started growing in the Mexicans. The publication of the first Mexican auto magazines was in November 1982 by Motor y Volante magazine which became instantly famous for its irreverent criticism and professional performance testing of local versions of many cars. After more than 10 years being the sole specialty media, other publishers decided to jump into the wagon; in early 1995 4 Ruedas Magazine and shortly after Automóvil Panamericano saw light. Technological advances has now Motor y Volante as the sole digital auto magazine (by suscription only) but with an extremely large affiliation due to its 30 years existence record. The Autoexpo changed denomination in 2004 into the “Salón Internacional del Automovil” to convert into an international size event. It is in fact an event comparable to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. In the first two editions of the Mexico Autoshow brands new to Mexico, like Mazda, were introduced. On the other hand, some manufacturers like Jaguar and Volvo have been to neither the 2004 nor the 2005 editions. On the other hand, Renault would attend every two years. However, the 2006 edition of the autoshow was considered a failure and a fraud since over 15 carmakers missed the event, including Volkswagen Group, Renault and Peugeot. After the 2006 edition and for the first time since 1994, SIAM was not hosted the following year. A two-year event is currently hosted.


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